History of Barbie

Barbie, that's a great name, and it also became the most famous doll in the world, and that from its inception.

The Barbie doll was first sold March 9, 1959 by Mattel.
Mattel is an American game, created by Eliott Halder and Harold Mattson and Mattel among others, the contraction of "Matt" and "El" to their names.

I-Birth of Barbie.

The history of Barbie is not trivial, it is originally an idea that comes from Ruth Halder, wife of Eliott Halder. In fact, the invention of Barbie inspired by his imagination, but a doll she bought her daughter during a trip, a German doll called Bild Lilli. The doll likes her daughter so she decided to bring the United States, an idea that will make the future success of the doll, she name is Barbie, for the diminutive daughter Barbara.

Since his return to the United States, Ruth, actively working on his project to create a new doll dolls révolutionnerai the world that hitherto had not had the forms Bild Lilly. For the first Barbie doll measurements adults, so far, the dolls were children. The first Barbie has measurements closer to that possessed by the German doll. The new doll, blonde or brown with ivory skin color and features strongly in Europe. She wears a swimsuit strapless zebra black and white, black heels, sunglasses, and gold rings by way of earrings. His eyebrows are circumflex accent, her lips and her nails are red. His gaze is turned down.

This is Barbie Millicent was born Robert, 29 cm, 205 g, aged twenty years.
She has a nice chest, long legs, a slim waist, a rigid body and is articulated at the neck. The model must for girls.

II-Evolution of Barbie.

Barbie has evolved over the years and American culture, clothing style changes according to the company. Barbie's hair changes several colors appear, platinum blonde, red, brown as early as 1961.
In addition, the plastic Barbie also evolves, measurements are reviewed, his face changing, it adopts a more determined, which asserts its personality. And women of the 70s in the United States is no longer the same as the 60s. It is the creation of Malibu Barbie, who was one of the most successful series of Barbie.
Indeed Barbie diversifies, it assumes several professions, the range of Barbie enlarged.
It can now be a veterinarian, doctor, school teacher ....

New friends for Barbie, she does indeed have a boyfriend, also created by Ruth Handler, it is named Ken, a diminutive of Kenneth, the son of Ruth.
Ken is blond like Barbie, he is the ideal man, he then comes the birth of Skipper, Barbie's sister. There is also a changing ethnic Barbie, with the appearance of Christie, the black doll.
It will come in the years Barbie dolls Asian, Indian, Brazilian.

III-Derived Barbie.

There were several collaborations with large Barbie houses and haute couture shoes. Barbie is a doll for girls is very pretty and has an amazing closets, and a multitude of pairs of shoes.
There has therefore been for 30 years of Barbie, in 1989, a collaboration with Christian Dior and Channel, with exclusive creations of models.
In 2009 Barbie celebrated 50 and for the occasion, all models of the first Barbie that were presented today during Fashion Week, with dresses more beautiful than the others always made by the greatest creators.
Collaboration with Christian Louboutin, also took place and, over a hundred new pairs of shoes for Barbie.

Barbie is not only dolls, a whole universe was created around this.
There thus had a Barbie appears as early as 2001 in a version of animated film in "Barbie Nutcracker", it will follow more than a dozen film of Barbie, it takes a year . Barbie games to appear, how to dress the barbie? How makeup? How hair?
To answer more than one hundred games were created "Barbie Dress up your" "Headdress Barbie "....


"Barbie is creating a doll-like woman, away from infants in vogue at the time."Ruth Halder.

The success of Barbie was immediately appointment is a doll that meets the needs of girls, with the creation of several Barbie. Icons girls became international idol. This success has still generated more than a billion dollars. She has also been voted Product of the Year 2006.

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